We want to do everything we can to help uphold the standards and convictions of the word of God and be a blessing to you, your church, and your pastor. It is our desire to see the Lord work miracles in the lives of young people. We also want to please Him and give Him the preeminence. Therefore, the standards that we have cannot be bent or changed to accommodate anyone or any group. Please help us please Him; and, have a great time while upholding these Bible standards and rules.

The number one rule is that EVERYONE must try to receive something from God. The second rule is that EVERYONE must have a great time. Please respect one another. The third rule is that EVERYONE must observe the following codes of conduct. Anyone who does not will be asked to leave the premises.  Please remember that you are all visitors of God’s grounds. Please respect the grounds, facilities, other campers, and staff.

Code of Conduct for Everyone

  • NO alcoholic beverages, tobacco in any form, radios, worldly music, CD players, tape players, record players, TV’s, guns, knives, magazines, books, fireworks, weapons of any kind, video games, or playing cards.
  • NO paring off of any male and female. Stay in groups at all times.
  • NO physical contact allowed between male and female.
  • NO medications kept by anyone. ALL medications must be turned in to the director and will be distributed accordingly.
  • NO sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, coats, or any type of clothing with inappropriate advertising, lyrics, or athletic logos.
  • NO earrings, bracelets, necklaces, body pierced jewelry, etc……
  • NO staying in the FLC or sleeping areas during activities such as Choir practice and Chapel and group activities.
  • You must attend ALL activities.
  • NO males in the female sleeping quarters or females in the male sleeping quarters.
  • NO leaving the sleeping quarters after lights out.
  • NO leaving the premises without permission from the director.
  • NO sharing or borrowing personal items such as, toiletry or personal hygiene items, as well as hair brushes/combs and accessories.
  • NO use of cell phones, except by permission of your counselor.

Code of Conduct for Ladies

  • NO pants, shorts, or culottes.
  • NO sleeveless tops or dresses, cropped tops, or sundresses.
  • Modest skirts, and dresses. ALL need to be to the bottom of the knee.
  • Modest tops, blouses, and shirts. ALL sleeves need to be to the bottom of the elbow and necklines need to be modest.

Code of Conduct for Gentlemen

  • NO ball caps to be worn in the church or formal dining hall. No ball caps to be worn in a worldly fashion.
  • NO sleeveless shirts or tank tops.
  • Modest pants or sweatpants for activities. No tear-aways or cut-offs.
  • Modest shirts. ALL sleeves need to be to the bottom of the elbow.